Surf Books

Surfing Collectibles Guide #1 Magazine & Poster Issue

Ever wondered what your old surf magazines or surf movie posters are worth?

Like to know which magazines or posters you need to complete your collection?

The first complete price list of pre-1970 surf magazines and surf movie posters

  • Individual issue price list of over 35 surf magazines (pre 1970)
  • Price list of over 100 surf movie posters
  • Check list to be used for online and live surf auctions
  • Detailed rating system
  • Information on care and restoration of magazines and posters
  • 32 pages, 5 ½ “ by 8 ½ “
  • Professionally printed in full color on 80 lb. book gloss paper
  • Over 65 pictures of magazine covers, posters and backdrop pictures on every page

The Guide was created in 2000 by Tim DeLaVega of Kauai and the International “Surf Guide Team”

  • Hawaii- Mark Fragale, Bob Jensen and Steve Wilkings
  • California- Keith Eshelman, Alan Kukel, Joe Tabler and Cary Weiss
  • Australia- Bob Smith and Al Hunt
  • New Zealand- Mark Thompson
  • South Africa- Harry Bold

All this for $15

which includes shipping and handling
(international orders extra)

200 Years of Surfing Literature: An Annotated Bibliography

The world’s first printed annotated Surfing Bibliography based on Daved Marsh’s The Water Log published in 2004

  • Designed for the surfing historian and collector
  • Orchestrated by Tim DeLaVega with Introductions by Steve Pezman and Joel T. Smith
  • Covering surfing literature from Captain Cook (1779) to the latest books on surfing (2004)
  • Interviews with leading authors
  • A listing of early descriptions of surfing, including the more important surfing articles
  • Over 600 books and magazines listed
  • Over 100 pictures of book and magazine cover art and illustrations
  • Over 100 pages, 5 ½ “ by 8 ½ “
  • Professionally printed on 80 lb., perfect bound


  • Discovery 1779-1899
  • Rebirth 1900-1959
  • The Boom 1960-1969
  • Modern Era 1970-2004

All this for $23

which includes shipping and handling
(international orders extra)