The Endless Summer (1964)

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Poster Description

The Endless Summer is the most popular and famous surf movie poster of all time and is displayed at the New York Museum of Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  Artist John Van Hamersveld designed it in high contrast silhouette against the magenta sun and red beach, featuring Bruce Brown and the stars of the movie, Robert August and Mike Hynsen..  There were handbills printed in 1964-1966, and then theater posters when the movie was released in 35 MM.

Movie Description

The Endless Summer is the ultimate surf travel documentary. Robert August and Mike Hynsen search the world for that perfect wave and everlasting summer. The journey takes them to Sengel, Ghana, Nigeria, south Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Hawaii and California.   The trip is combined with bodysurf at the Wedge, Mickey Dora and Lance Carson at Malibu, casual surf on Oahu’s Souh Shore and gigantic waves at Waimea Bay.  Highlight of the film is discovering Cape Saint Francis, South Africa.  August and Hynsen rode seemingly endless, perfect waves down the point.  Original music score by the Sandals.  The Endless Summer was the first surf film to receive a nationwide release in 1966, when it was enlarged to 35 MM and distributed by Columbia Pictures.

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