Going My Wave (1962)

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Poster Description

This visually striking poster for John Severson’s 5th surf movie release, “Going My Wave”, was immediately deemed a “must have” by eager surfers in 1962. They rapidly disappeared from telephone poles and bulletin boards almost as fast as Severson could put them up. Remember, in 1962, few Mainland surfers had ever seen an image of a Hawaiian wave this large and this perfect. Even by today’s standards, the thrilling Severson photo of Australian surfer Bob Pike dropping in and lining up a huge Laniakea off-shore wind driven wave on Oahu’s now famed North Shore is, indeed, unforgettable.

Movie Description

Australia, California, Hawaii, New Zealand and Peru.  Featuring the longest waves in the islands at fabulous Laniakea, great shots from a great year at Sunset Beach and the Banzai Pipeline, plus Willingham’s incredible elevator drop.

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