Big Wednesday (1961)

  • 61BigWednesday
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Poster Description

The delightfully whimsical artwork of film director John Severson highlights this rare surf movie poster and is still considered extremely collectible today. Severson, who holds a MA for Art Education, displays his vivid imagination with his vision of a hand-drawn surfer awkwardly charging down the face of a giant wave. The movie dramatically displays the unharnessed power of Hawaii’s North Shore, especially Waimea Bay, and is now considered one of Severson’s best films. In 1978, famed Hollywood director John Millius “borrowed” the movie title for his own big screen surfing production that had no other relation to the Severson film from 1961.

Movie Description

The best of California including shots from Rincon, Huntington Beach, Trestle and Newport Wedge.  Includes Hawaii at Yokahama Bay, a famous in-the-tunnel ride at Ala Moana, Garbage Hole, and the greatest day at Waimea Bay- Big Wednesday.  Also shows for the first time Peru, South America.

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